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happy new year: Each time the New Year brings new happiness, new excitement, new hopes, and new excuses to celebrate. On the arrival of the new year, we congratulate our friends and family like any other festival. They give a good auspicious new year to be auspicious. In this way, we are telling you some such good new year messages, SMS, Whats up message, and Facebook messages.

The New Year is very special for everyone, because on this special occasion of New Year, everyone tries to do something new and wants to leave their bad habits and make new good habits from this new year.

Happy New Year’ Wishes 

Keeping this relationship unchanged,
Keeping the lamp of memories in the heart,
Very cute trip to 2018 ...
Just keep it in 2019 as well.

We live in your heart,
All the pain you suffer,
No one likes you before,
This is why Happy New Year is the first to say.
happy New Year…
Everyone is in love for everyone;
The festival of happiness that is coming every day,
Come along with this hope all the gum,
Welcome to New Year 2019
happy New Year..

Happy new year 2019 shayri

Forgetful moments;
Settle in the heart tomorrow;
 smile,Whatever the moment you open up
Because the moment of happiness is coming from the new year coming.
Happy New Year 2019

 happy new year 2019: Each time the New Year brings new happiness, new excitement, new hopes, and new excuses to celebrate. It can be said that it is a good day to express this happiness. We and you are welcoming the new year so that you can start a new journey with new emotions and dreams. But have you ever thought that why the New Year celebrates on January 1, why not some other day? Actually behind this question the history is hidden.

Story behind New year: Happy New Year 2019

According to historian Rajkumar Gupta, it is believed that the New Year's celebration was celebrated on March 21 in Babylonian, about 4000 years ago, which was also considered as the date of arrival of spring. Even in ancient Rome, the New Year's festival was celebrated only When Julius Caesar of Rome founded the Julian calendar in the 45th year BC, then for the first time in the world, New Year's celebration was celebrated on 1 January.
According to the Gregorian calendar the new year occurs on January 1. Different cultures have their own calendar and their new year. The countries of the world celebrate the new year at different times.
People are enjoying this new year in different ways as if someone goes to roam and lives with someone who lives with their family and likes to enjoy with their girlfriends and boyfriend, someone likes to party.

Good opportunity to increase identity: happy new year 

While celebrating the New Year 2019 many people come close to party with people around them. In other words, it gives a good opportunity to increase awareness. Apart from knowing people on this occasion, many unaware people also congratulate you. Every coming year brings with it a lot of ups and downs. With the help of which helps you to become a better person. Many jobs are created in the new year, so many companies change their policies.


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