speech on new year 2019, happy new year speech, new year essay

speech on new year 2019, happy new year speech, new year essay 2019

hello readers, wish you the happy new year. we know that very well this new year is very special for you. many students are searching on the internet for happy new year essay, happy new year speech, and speech on happy new year 2018. so in this article, we share speech on new year. thanks for visit our website.

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Why is the new year celebrated on 1 January
The new year commemorated from 1 January to the beginning of 15th of October 1582. The calendar name, starting on January 1, is the Gregorian calendar. The Gregonian calendar was started to determine the date of the Christmas Day celebration of Easter, the most special festival of Christians. At that time, the Julian calendar of Russia was in circulation. Calculation errors were left in the Julian calendar. Due to which Christmas Day was celebrated several days ago, sometimes after several days.
Christmas Day is so special, which was created to celebrate 1 January in calendar
Christmas Day is the birthday of Jesus Christ. Jesus sacrificed and sacrificed his life for the welfare of the people. It could not be forgotten. Even after Jesus left the world, continue to be remembered in the hearts of people. Remember Jesus' sacrifice for centuries and inspiration from his personality. So the birthday of the Lord Jesus was made memorable

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speech on new year 2019, happy new year speech, new year essay

Why is the new year considered on 1 January
Christmas Day can be organized on a certain day. That's why America's Physician Eliasius Llius proposed a new calendar. After some reforms, on February 24, 1582, the formal order was adopted formally.
The state order was given by Pope Gregory. The name of this calendar was named Gregorian on the basis of the name of Gregory. It was implemented on 15th October 1582 by removing calculation errors. Since then it is considered to be applicable.
Today the Gregorian calendar is famous all over the world. On the basis of which it was ensured to celebrate the birthday of the Lord Jesus on December 25
Why do people of Christian religions collectively pray on Sunday
People of Christianity believe Sunday to be the rebirth of the Lord Jesus. Therefore chose Sunday for prayer. By praying this day there is a rebirth of personality. Give the person the importance of sacrificing and sacrificing his old life in the new life. Do good work for the benefit of others. That should be the goal in the new life.


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